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Sasquatch country

Meares Island has been seen as one of the habitats for Sasquatch. After many sightings from the Ahousaht in the region, we do believe that this is where the Sasquatch call home. There have been copious amounts of stories passed down from generation to generation concerning the elusive Sasquatch. 

Sasquatch or Buc Miis (pronounced "book mees”)

The tales of big foot, sasquatch, yeti or as the Nuu-chah-nulth know him, Buc Miis are alive and well, current sightings in Clayoquot sound within the last few months have described an 8 foot tall hairy ape like man with two small Buc Miis children in tow on a beach not far from Lone Cone Hostel. The Nuu-chah-nulth describe this creature as a harbinger of good luck and spiritual strength. Extremely shy and known to produce high pitched whistles and throw large stones to ward off intruders, Buc Miis is a creature known for thousands of years to live in the Clayoquot Sound watersheds.

The Tyee Ha’ wiih or head chief of the Ahousaht, known as Maquinna tells us that Buc Miis is not to be feared but is a protector of the land and moves between the world of men and spirit. (seen and unseen). According to Maquinna his mother often told him that Buc Miis is a gentle often misunderstood creature who is extremely shy. “If you have the excellent fortune of seeing Buc Miis, quickly run up to her and wrestle with her, tickle her and roll around, then for sure you will gain all of her spiritual and physical strength”.

George Atleo an Ahousaht elder describes his own personal encounter with Buc Miis, he was out hunting with a friend when they saw Buc Miis standing on the edge of the water in Clayoquot Sound, Buc Miis could be smelled well before she could be seen, The smell was like 3 times as strong as a dog that has been left outside in the cold and rain for a month, when Buc Miis spotted the hunters she turned and ran up the side of the mountain that was covered in old growth. George described how his hair on the back of his neck stood up and he was covered in goose bumps as Buc Miis shrieked her high whistle and banged her fists on the tree trunks as she ran away making a drumming sound.

Keep your senses tuned into the possibility of spotting this mystical Clayoquot protector and be the ones to share the good fortune of your Lone Cone Trail experience with the world.