Water Taxi

The 33 foot water taxi, Ahous Hakoom (the Ahousaht Queen) transports guests from the reception centre at The Shore, in Tofino to the Lone Cone Hostel and Campground on Meares Island. The water taxi round trip is included in your stay. The short 15 minute boat ride takes you among some of the most stunning coastline in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for whales, sea otters, and other beautiful flora and fauna unique to the area. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife that has put Tofino on the map. 

Water taxi to Lone Cone Trail or Mears Island

Water taxi from Tofino to Meares Island is included in your stay. One return water taxi to Tofino included per three day stay (3 day stay = 1 return trip, 6 day stay = 2 return trips). Additional round trips to Tofino for guests: $15/person. Lone Cone Trail fee is included with your stay.

Regular Water taxi fares (to trail or island):

$30 round trip per person + $10 trail fee per person
$10 round trip for children under 13 + $5 trail fee per child

*Water taxi included in a nights stay


Water Taxi Departures

From Tofino to Lone Cone


9:45 am

1:15 pm

2:00 pm

2:30 pm

4:45 pm

6:30 pm (July & August)

7:00 pm (July & August)


From Lone Cone to Tofino


9:20 am

11:15 am (check out)

11:45 am

1:30 pm

2:15 pm

4:30 pm

6:45 pm (July & August)


*Transportation outside of these times may be arranged with reception at an additional cost.